Rusty DooleyRusty Dooley is one of today's hottest rising comedians. His high concept high energy comedy leaves audiences gasping for air around the country and internationally. He recently returned from a world tour with Russell Peters performing sold out shows in 5000 seat theatres in the Far East and India. His visual style and theatrical show cross all language barriers. Rusty honed his craft at the world famous Comedy Store on The Sunset Strip. His love for movies and passion for comedy have combined and developed over a ten year period and the result is Rusty's act as it is today. Where better to develop an act built around movie scene's then Hollywood?

Originally from Chicago Rusty moved to Los Angeles in 1999. He showcased at all the local clubs and became a fixture at The Laugh Factory, Dublin's and of course The Comedy Store. The bar was set pretty high for him as he was forced to follow some of the biggest names in the business on stage every night. Even though he was the new comer it did not take long for the veterans to see the way he can get a crowd pumped up with his animated style and whirl wind blend of props and costumes. No body wanted any part of following him - Nobody. Rusty was recently voted the funniest comic by 944 Magazine. He currently has a deal with Miramax to produce a one hour comedy DVD. His show features comedic scenes from classic films such as Top Gun, Raiders of the Lost Arc, The Terminator, Jurassic Park, Alien, Batman, Braveheart and many more. His act stands out from that of a traditional comedian. Rusty takes his audiences on an adventure not soon forgotten. Catch him when you can.